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Legal Consulting

Litigation is always a risk. With federal litigation, the stakes and risks are higher. Sometimes, it can be helpful to have a second opinion, experienced advice or a second set of eyes on a matter. At Edward W. Nottingham, LLC., I’m Ed Nottingham, and I have the depth and breadth of experience with a tremendous range of legal issues, from federal criminal prosecutions to securities litigation and international employment arbitrations.

I served nearly 20 years on the federal bench, including several years as Chief Judge. I was an Assistant U.S. Attorney and have decades of experience in private practice. I understand the procedural and substantive challenges of litigation and I can serve as a consultant on your case, providing the tailored services you need to be successful for your client.

Strategic Counsel, Tactical Guidance, Brief Preparation

Every case is different. It’s a commonplace, and with good reason. When you take on a matter, there may be unexpected development or more complexity than you foresaw.

There may be additional questions statutory or regulatory law, jurisdiction, venue, choice of law, removal, discovery, bringing in of additional parties, dismissal of other parties, matters involving international law, the potential for a new law or appellate questions, and virtually any other topic.

Help With Arguments And Writing

I can provide helpful advice to polish your arguments in a brief, motion or for general trial preparation. I have worked on hundreds of briefs and motions and as a district court judge, carefully reviewed and analyzed hundreds more.

I know where arguments and cases can fail, and I can help you address these issues before you are in the midst of intense courtroom litigation. Federal district court is a challenging environment for any attorney and if you are new to federal court, having seasoned guidance to sharpen your arguments and better anticipate how they may be countered by your opponent can prevent costly errors or mistakes.

I also have substantial experience as an arbitrator and mediator, as well as advising attorneys in these forums. I am also available for appointment as a special master or hearing officer.

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I can assist with a wide spectrum of issues relating to disputes, including litigation, discovery, writing and research, and assistance at trial. To discuss your matter with me, call my Denver office at 720-909-8554 or contact me with my online contact form.